Schedule of Prenatal Care

First Trimester

7-8 weeks

Initial visit with your physician and ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and due date. These may be done on different days depending on availability. Your complete history will be obtained by a phone nurse prior to these visits. Blood is drawn and tested, including State-mandated HIV testing. A pap smear may be done.

12 weeks

Routine prenatal visit. Fetal Heart tones will be detected by Doppler. Possible genetic testing performed by blood draw or ultrasound.

Second Trimester

16 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit

20 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit. Screening ultrasound for the evaluation of the baby’s growth and anatomy.

24 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit

Third Trimester

28 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit. One hour glucose test. Rhogam injection for Rh negative patients.

30 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit

32 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit. Possible ultrasound for growth and position.

34 weeks

Routine prenatal visit

36 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit. Group B Strep swab. Possible cervical exam.

37, 38, 39, 40 weeks

Routine pre-natal visit & cervix check

Routine pre-natal visit includes weight, blood pressure, urine test, measurement of your uterus and listening to baby’s heartbeat with a doppler. Visit interval is approximate and dependent on maternal and fetal issues.

Any ultrasounds other than what are listed above will be done in the event of medical necessity, such as bleeding, hypertension, fetal growth problems or placental location.