On Call Coverage

To Our Dear Patients:

As many of you know, OB is literally a full-time job requiring 24-hour coverage at all times. Much of our on-call time is spent answering questions over the phone and, of course, some of our time is spent delivering beautiful babies. We know that most patients are disappointed when their own doctor cannot deliver their baby. We try very hard to attend all of our patients’ deliveries. When we cannot, we feel very confident that our partner is taking exceptionally good care of our patient and her baby.

We have expanded the number of physicians in our WEEKEND call rotation. We have joined forces with an excellent group of doctors at OB/GYN Associates. These doctors trained, as we did, in the Washington University and Barnes/Jewish systems. We have very similar practice styles and philosophies. During the week, we will continue to cover the practice ourselves.

In the past, we have been able to attend 85-90% of our own patients’ deliveries. We do not expect to see that number change, even with this call rotation. We will make every effort when we are available but are “off call” to deliver our own patients.

As always, if you have any questions, please call us immediately at (314) 432-3669. Our exchange is (314) 991-3900. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your care as you always have. We see our role in your pregnancy as a great honor and responsibility. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your baby’s first day.


John K. Appelbaum, M.D
Timothy C. Philpott, M.D
Maria Maminta-Streiff, M.D.
Angela M. Reining, M.D.
Jennifer Meyer, M.D.