Is it Safe to… During Pregnancy

Below are commonly asked questions we hear from our patients. We have compiled this list to help you, but if you don’t see your concern or question listed below, please don’t hesitate to call our office or ask the provider at your next OB visit. Regarding exercise is acceptable to continue any exercise you were doing prior to conceiving unless you see it listed below.

These are safe during pregnancy:

  • To have your hair permed or colored after the first trimester
  • Manicure, pedicure, facial, bikini wax, mud bath, salt scrub, seaweed wrap, massage (be aware that some skin types become more sensitive in pregnancy)
  • To have your teeth cleaned, tooth filled, crown applied, root canal
  • To have your teeth whitened
  • To have your hair permed or colored
  • To take a bath
  • To swim in a chlorinated pool or lake
  • To carry your toddler
  • Benzoyl peroxide for acne
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic services but make your chiropractor aware of your pregnancy
  • To work on a computer all day
  • To use tanning lotions and sunscreen topically
  • To have sexual relations (as long as no condition has occurred that your doctor has discussed with you).
  • To go through airport security, body scanners, metal detectors

These are safe BEFORE 20 weeks of pregnancy:

  • To sleep on your back or stomach
  • To do sit ups and crunches
  • To breastfeed

These are safe with limitations:

  • To move furniture (depends on the weight and size)
  • To have your home exterminated, walls painted, hardwood floors refinished (OK with good ventilation)
  • DEET use (use small amounts on exposed skin or clothing only)