Am I in Labor?

This is a question that we often hear and one that concerns most of our pregnant patients. Will I know if I am in labor? How do I know if this is real labor or false labor? How do I know if my water breaks?

While no labor follows an exact pattern, here are some suggestions of when to go to the hospital.

  • A large gush of fluid from the vagina or a constant clear odorless discharge that necessitates wearing a pad.
  • CONTRACTIONS that are generally 5 minutes apart, last for about a minute, and are uncomfortable enough that you don’t want to talk through them. “Real” contractions don’t go away with rest, and contractions should be getting gradually stronger and more consistent. This should persist for about an hour before you go to Labor and Delivery.
  • BLEEDING that is more than pink or brown discharge when wiping.

Please note that it is not necessary to contact our office if you feel you have lost yourmucus plug.

During labor, we will follow your lead in regard to administering medication for discomfort or epidural anesthesia, both of which are easily available at Missouri Baptist Hospital. For any of the above signs and symptoms, go to Labor and Delivery at Missouri Baptist Hospital, located on the 3rd floor of Building D.